Final Results

Results for Voice of Teen Season 1 has been declared. The final result is as follow.
  1. Bedu Sadu Magar
    Title Winner
  2. Akanshya Basyal
    1st Runner Up
  3. Bikesh K Shanker
    2nd Runner Up

Friday, July 16, 2010

16th July 2010 - Mango, Tango, Pango ... Top 5 Contestants Selected

By the end of today's episode three contestants get eliminated and Voice of Teen has top 5 contestants to move ahead with.

Contestants who could not make to the top 5 positions are
  1. Anubhuti Gurung (Mango)
  2. Samta Rai, and
  3. Raj Kumar Pakhrin. 
Anubhuti was the lady of the episode for few times and was appreciated a lot by the judges. But her sweet smile could not make her go further. Similarly, Samta and Raj Kumar are also set to leave behind. Sorry to declare these, but as you all know it has to. Voting Voting Voting is all you can do to save your favorite and qualified contestants. We wish all good wishes for your future.

Today's episode was enriched by the guest appearance of veteran singers Komal Oli and Gyanu Rana. VOT thanks its best for your wonderful presence.

What happened every Minute ?

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Anonymous said...

How can it be Mango.

She was really great, really really great. Hey Mango, how can it be you. ???

Shocked too much.

Anonymous said...

Feeling very bad for you mango.
Really, this was too much unpredicted.

Anonymous said...

Samta and Rajkumar were OK for elimination. But how can it be the sweet pie Anubhuti.

Unknown said...



Anonymous said...

hello hero honda voice of teen hhhhhhooooooooooo this progam is very good i me and my family like too much and we areout os country that is why ne and my family would like to vot small girl kanshya Basyal ok we wand to see her next week bysssssss

Anonymous said...

hello i am jack gust from usa and i know littel bet nepali i see progam voice of teen i like too much and i would like to vot Akanshya Basyal ok bye

Anonymous said...

hi all of the voice of teen tean i am one moes cantestants i would like to vote but i did not fine how to vote in online that is why i would like to vote quet girl Akanshya Basyal plzzzzzzzzzzz i would like to see in top three ok bye

Anonymous said...

fake support from one person in name of different for akanshya...akanshya is not as good as anbhuti for sure. Jabarjasti VOT tanera ni huncha kaile ??? Nepal jasto desh jaha hareko manche ta PM huncha...bekar ma VOT magera ni huncha..afno kala ra gala le jitnu parcha maan janata ko

Rakesh said...

hi malai yo proggramme ekdam manparchha malai yo proggramme ko singerma sab vanda ramro bikesh k shankar ko gaune tarika ra aawaj ekdma manparchha ra bikesh nai voive of teen ko winner hunhunparchha
Best Of luck Best Of Luck Best Of Luck
Rakesh Bhandari

Anonymous said...

ohhh my god she sings beautifully as she is gorgeous too and so cute that i fell in love wit her. she is non othr than akanshya bashayl. i would like to vote her from my heart. i would her to be in top 3 as well she must be voice of teen.

Anonymous said...

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acpmasquerade said...

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