Final Results

Results for Voice of Teen Season 1 has been declared. The final result is as follow.
  1. Bedu Sadu Magar
    Title Winner
  2. Akanshya Basyal
    1st Runner Up
  3. Bikesh K Shanker
    2nd Runner Up

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Its the Grand FINALE Now

Its the Grand Finale Now.

Event Date will be decided soon.

So, everyone.

Use your EarsUse Your Mind or Use Your Heart.

Vote your favorite contestant.

Voting is Live 24 Hours, and the voting deadline has not been decided yet.

Friday, July 23, 2010

23rd July 2010 - Voice of Teen has Top 3 Finalists now.

So, its the time to declare the Top 3 Finalists for Hero Honda Voice of Teen Season 1.

Eliminated Contestants

Suraj Poudel

Enoc Tamang

And the Last 3 Finalists for Voice of Teen - Season 1 are,

Bedu Sadu Magar

Bikesh K. Shanker

Akanshya Basyal

What happened every Minute ?

Friday, July 16, 2010

16th July 2010 - Mango, Tango, Pango ... Top 5 Contestants Selected

By the end of today's episode three contestants get eliminated and Voice of Teen has top 5 contestants to move ahead with.

Contestants who could not make to the top 5 positions are
  1. Anubhuti Gurung (Mango)
  2. Samta Rai, and
  3. Raj Kumar Pakhrin. 
Anubhuti was the lady of the episode for few times and was appreciated a lot by the judges. But her sweet smile could not make her go further. Similarly, Samta and Raj Kumar are also set to leave behind. Sorry to declare these, but as you all know it has to. Voting Voting Voting is all you can do to save your favorite and qualified contestants. We wish all good wishes for your future.

Today's episode was enriched by the guest appearance of veteran singers Komal Oli and Gyanu Rana. VOT thanks its best for your wonderful presence.

What happened every Minute ?

Friday, July 9, 2010

VOT is Back - 09th July 2010

10th July 2010,
We had decided to postpone the regular episodes for a period of time. And now we have returned back again. Voice of Teen is up with its regular episodes.

Today's episode ended up with some mixed emotions. We must say it was somewhat very unexpected to have these contestants eliminated. Such contestants with a huge craze got eliminated due to reason of insufficient votes on their favor. Ashish being a popular contestant and Shristy being a talented one could not make their position on the top 8th positions. Bina and Shova weren't able to make their position on the top 8 too. Voice of Teen misses these talented voices and wishes every success in their coming days.

Satya Swaroop
And VOT was with two great faces to get accompanied with the Jury panel. VOT must accept its overwhelmed emotions on having Satya Raj Acharya and Swaroop Raj Acharya to have their presence on the show as the guest judges.

The Top Eight Finalists for the Voice of Teen Season 1 are as follows

  • Enoc Tamang
  • Bikesh K Shanker
  • Bedu Sadu Magar
  • Rajkumar Pakhrin
  • Suraj Poudel
  • Samta Rai
  • Akanshya Basyal
  • Anubhuti Gurung

On the Show
Most of the contestants got mixed comments from the judges. Satya-Swaroop apperaed to be very much technical with the music and the contestants' performances. Almost all got strong comments however Anubuti got into top again. She got appreciation from all the judges. Everyone was overwhelmed by her performance. And, Suraj was at the second position in the line up of appreciations. All the best to all contestants for their coming week's performance and for their voting and national along with international craze.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Voice of Teen postponed.

Finally we have come up with the decision to postpone the Voice of Teen regular episodes till the FIFA World Cup ends.

Because of the rising fever for FIFA World Cup 2010, and Voice of Teen being at the stage of decision to be made by the public we were having frequent requests to stop the voting and, to stop making any eliminations that the public voting is going to decide each week. And keeping a keen interest on people's perspective, we have decided to postpone the regular episodes of Hero Honda Voice of Teen (Season 1), till the end of World Cup 2010.

Hence, together with this announcement, it should be clear that the voting line is closed completely till next announcement. 

Next announcement will be made very soon, informing when will the programmes get continued.

We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience caused by this to all the valued viewers of Hero Honda Voice of Teen.

Hero Honda Voice of Teen
Super A-One Media Pvt. Ltd

Friday, July 2, 2010

2nd July 2010, No Regular Episode again

Hmm, due to the high Worldcup Fever running throughout the country, Voice of Teen wasn't able to air its regular broadcast on 2nd July too. We feel your fever here on our side too. Because of that reason, we were compelled to re-broadcast the earlier episode. You can check the episode aired here.

Voice of Teen apologizes for this once again. We are not sure about the episode will be regular on 9th July or not. Please keep on visiting this website for updates and the decisions we have made here.

Voting Details
Voting is still closed this week too. Voting wont be counted for any sort of elimination during the period of voting  being closed.

Voice of Teen