Final Results

Results for Voice of Teen Season 1 has been declared. The final result is as follow.
  1. Bedu Sadu Magar
    Title Winner
  2. Akanshya Basyal
    1st Runner Up
  3. Bikesh K Shanker
    2nd Runner Up

Friday, June 18, 2010

18th June, 2010 - Wild Card Entry Results - Top 12 Round

Last week's episode was an episode for wildcard nominated contestants to present themselves and ask to vote to promote them to Top 12.

Voting line was up for the whole week, and Top 2 most voted contestants were given a chance to get promoted directly onto Top 12.

Top 5 most voted contestants were -
  1. Bina Rai
  2. Enoc Tamang
  3. Anil Waiba
  4. Anju Rai
  5. Dilprit Singh
 And the final result was
  1. Enoc Tamang
  2. Bina Rai
Congratulations to both Enoc and Bina for being selected to the Top 12's.

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jonila,jhapa said...

oh enoch
u r one of my favourite contestant in vot u really deserve top 12. im really happy fr u
best of luck enoch.

Unknown said...

hamro contestnet haru neta bhya jasto lagyo ni hami uhaka janata ki darshak ?

Unknown said...


Neo said...

oh enoch babu, mero vote ta khera gayena... yaahooooooo... don't worry do better & better... we are here for you.

Sanjeev Yonzon said...

Hello voice of teen "Team" this Sanjeev Yonzon from USA. please make sure the sound and music as it comes in original way. the last episode had very bad sound quality so it became very hard to hear all the performances. Anyway, thanks for all.
Sanjeev Yonzon
Colorado, USA

Arun said...

oohhhhhh enoch.. congratulation for being top 12... Go ahead we all are with u.......

Unknown said...

la bina badhai 6 hai panchthare ko tarfa bata la aba panchthar ko vote ta khera gayena don't 4get us

DAYARI said...

ahile jati pani top 12 dekhi top 8 maa faaliekaa sahabhaagi mitraharu voice of teen kaa dherai ramro gaaiki bhaekaa mitraharu out bhae malai dherai dukkha lageko chha.

uniharu madhe 1/2 janaalaai puna bolaaunu parchha bhanne mero thahar chha. yo voting systeem ramro hoina aafanta ra naata baadale gardaa aaja eutaa ramro nepali voice star gumeko mero thahar chha.
top 5 maa jasari bhae pani ek janaalaai bolaaunu parchha ok.
yo mero voice of teen kaa management party ra judge saathai sabai subechhuk subha chintaklaai yo kshitija paaribar anurodha chha.

best regardas
sofitel doha qatar